Reavis makes the course!! She is fantastic!

Positive, encouraging people to contribute. I would want to continue with advanced sessions.


Open-minded, well-experienced, sensitive to the group needs.

The way the seminar was handled by her – fantastic. Professional, fun, direct, human, she answered our requests.

The best trainer I ever had. Full of humanity.

Openness, driven, eager to share tips and help out.

Fantastic open person with really big experience.

Communicative, open, funny, able to listen and understand.

Perfect. I couldn’t expect better. Don’t change a thing.

(Feedbacks from a recent intercultural communication and conflict resolution seminar held on behalf of Die Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft)

Feedback Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft 2

Absolutely amazing! Very professional, interesting to listen to her training and examples.

Well-prepared and flexible on needs of team.

Very committed, full of energy.

Very good, very competent, very interesting= perfect!!

Very lively and experienced.

Very dynamic, positive, optimist, looks for solutions.


(Feedbacks from a recent training course held on behalf of Die Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft)

Feedback Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft

Dear Reavis,

Many thanks for your contribution today! The participants found your part very helpful.

(German stock exchange, Leadership Introductory Day)


German stock exchange, Leadership Introductory Day

“Thank you ever so much for our valuable and impactful discussions – they gave me the solid and secure basis for my upcoming decision.”


I want to thank you for your professional and coaching support. With your advice and counsel, I have been able to navigate a challenging political environment to leverage my strengths for real career advancement.

Moreover, I have used your honest evaluation and your encouragement to align myself with a new corporate strategy which has driven growth within our global business segment. Thank you seems insufficient for the role you have played in our corporate as well as my personal success.”


Today I made a rough calculation of my income for August – in other words, what I produced myself, and what will provide relief for my bank account in the coming days, and it is truly a result which will allow me to breathe again. I have surpassed the ….,000 € level, and that is a sensation for me! To achieve such a result from my own work…I shall reward myself with a glass of sparkling wine. I have now proven to myself that I can do it (and you know that even a few weeks ago it didn’t look that way) and when I show courage…then there will be real financial light at the end of the tunnel. Amazing possibilities!
When did we begin with our coaching? I think it was May. And I have already cracked ….,000 € Reavis, we have really done good work. Thank you ever so much for your patience and your encouragement.”


Professional competence, personal management experience and empathy create the confidence necessary for successful coaching. Many, many thanks for this, Reavis.”
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Dear Reavis, It’s party time! A miracle has happened, and we both are the producers of this one!! I had an appointment today with …..Wow, I am feeling so good! Thank you, Reavis, for your spectacular support!
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